Common Auto Transmission Trouble That Needs Immediate Attention in Lake Stevens

transmission trouble, transmission problemAre you having problems with your car or truck in Lake Stevens, Washington? There may be trouble with your auto transmission. Proper transmission maintenance and repair is vital for every driver, regardless of whether you own a manual or automatic vehicle. If you’re worried there may be trouble with your transmission, it’s important that you speak with a technician as soon as possible. Postponing repairs can cause more damage and result in an expensive visit to the shop. If you notice any of the following problems, contact an auto transmission specialist in Lake Stevens right away.

Gearshift Slipping

You should strongly consider scheduling auto transmission repair if your gearshift is continually slipping. This may feel like your vehicle has shifted gears without prompting; it’s frequently accompanied by loud noises. While a single occurrence is probably fine, it shouldn’t happen frequently.

Difficulty Shifting

It shouldn’t be difficult to shift from gear to gear. If you find that your car or truck sticks or refuses to change gears, you should schedule transmission repair. Again, it’s not uncommon for this problem to be accompanied by loud clunking noises.

Slow Response

Is there a delay after you shift gears? If you feel that your vehicle is slow to engage after shifting into drive, talk to an auto technician right away. Your car or truck should respond immediately after you change gears.

Looking for an Auto Transmission Repair Expert in Lake Stevens?

Are you looking for a reliable transmission repair expert in Lake Stevens, Washington? If you have experienced any of the above-mentioned problems, you should make an appointment with a specialist. Contact A-Z Transmission & Exhaust in Arlington today. Our team is available to assess your vehicle’s condition and conduct any of the necessary repairs. You can also count on our shop for clutch repair, drivetrain repair, and exhaust upgrades.

Auto Transmission Repair Experts in Lake Stevens

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