Getting to Know Your Vehicle Exhaust System in Lake Stevens

vehicle exhaust systemHaving a functional vehicle exhaust system is imperative to reducing pollution and keeping your engine working properly in Lake Stevens. When problems arise, qualified transmission specialists can handle any necessary repairs. They can even perform an exhaust upgrade to help prevent trouble in the future. Keeping these components in mind will help you identify vehicle exhaust system issues in Lake Stevens before they become costly repairs. 

Exhaust Manifold

An exhaust manifold combines combustion gasses from the engine cylinders through the vehicle exhaust system into a single pipe. This part isn’t prone to many problems, but a trained exhaust technician can replace yours should corrosion occur.

Catalytic Converter

Combustion in your engine produces harmful gasses which travel through the vehicle exhaust system. The catalytic converter takes harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and converts them to water vapor and carbon dioxide. A common sign of a failing catalytic converter is a strong sulfur-like smell.


Mufflers reduce noise from your vehicle exhaust system. The combustion in your engine creates significant noise that needs to be quieted. Mufflers are prone to rust because of water vapors from the catalytic converter. Consider an exhaust upgrade when replacing your muffler by choosing rust-resistant stainless steel components.

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