Do You Need Transmission Repair?

transmission repairDo you know how to recognize the signs that it’s time for transmission repair? Indeed, the best way to avoid transmission problems is to have your transmission and clutch specialist perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. So acting preemptively will always be the best option, because transmission repairs can be very inconvenient and expensive when they arise suddenly. And, these problems with your transmission won’t merely go away. In fact, if left unattended, they will progressively get worse and worse. To help you catch issues as early as possible, here are several signs that indicate you need transmission repairs right away.

Your Engine Light Comes On

A check engine light doesn’t always mean you need transmission repairs, but it’s important that you bring your vehicle in for proper diagnostic work right away. Never expect the light, or the problem, to just go away.

You Hear Clunking, Humming, or Whining

Your transmission shouldn’t make noise—ever. If you notice a whining, humming, buzzing, or clunking sound, it’s a safe bet there’s something wrong. Take your car in for transmission repair as soon as possible.

There’s Shaking or Grinding While Driving

Shaking or grinding while you drive is another indicator that you need transmission maintenance or repair. Grinding is most common with manual vehicles, while shaking is a sign of transmission trouble in automatic cars.

Is It Time for Transmission Repair?

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Automatic Transmission Repair

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