Common Standard Transmission Problems

standard transmission problemsHave you been experiencing difficulty shifting between gears while driving your manual transmission vehicle? There may be a problem with your standard transmission. This kind of car issue can cause a lot of trouble, so it’s important that you take speak with a transmission and clutch repair specialist as soon as possible. You shouldn’t wait to schedule an appointment for transmission repairs because the problem won’t just go away. To help prepare you to describe the problem you’re having with a technician, here are several common standard transmission problems.

The Clutch is Slipping

If your vehicle revs, but remains immobile, then it’s likely there is a problem with your clutch. Your vehicle’s clutch facilitates changing how power transfers from the engine to the transmission. You’ll need to take your car to have your clutch examined and repaired as soon as possible.

You Can’t Shift Gears

If you’re having trouble shifting gears, it means there’s probably something wrong with your transmission. You’ll need an experienced technician to perform an inspection and any required transmission maintenance.

The Clutch is Sticking

While this is different than a slipping clutch, it’s equally problematic for your standard transmission. You’ll notice that your clutch presses down fine, but that it doesn’t return to its proper position after. Driving your vehicle in this condition can be very dangerous for you and others.

Do You Need Standard Transmission Repairs?

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