Transfer Case Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Services


Every four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles have a transfer case. Its role is to distribute the power received from the transmission between the front and rear axles, making all four wheels spin simultaneously at the same speed.

Constant use takes a toll on the transfer case, and timely transfer case service and repair/replacement is necessary to maintain it in top condition.

We, at A-Z Transmission, help owners of personal and commercial vehicles keep an efficient transfer case in their machines by providing:

  • Regular and thorough transfer case service
  • Suitable repairs for broken transfer cases
  • Replacement of worn-out transfer cases

We handle every transfer case service with unmatched professional expertise that inspires customers’ confidence and ensures their peace of mind.


Transfer Case Service for Domestic, Foreign


Periodic transfer case service is essential to keep this important automotive component protected from premature wear or damage. This:

  • Extends the component’s life
  • Maintains the bearings and seals
  • Reduces gear flaking and wear
  • Minimizes the impact of heat or high-speed driving

Therefore, you must always get transfer case service when it is due.

Several factors, including the amount of vehicle usage and the general driving conditions and driving environment, affect how often you need transfer case service.

You can check the owner’s manual or consult our expert technicians to know when you should come in for transfer case service.

Transfer cases vary in vehicles of different makes and models. At our transmission shop, we offer transfer case service for any foreign or domestic vehicle.

We conduct detailed transfer case service that aims at optimizing the transfer case’s performance and life. Our transfer case service specialists check and change the transfer case fluid, check the gears, and replace worn-out parts.


Transfer Case Repair for Automatic and Manual Transmissions


Malfunctioning of the transfer case spells trouble for the transmission, whether automatic or manual. So, you should watch out for signs that point towards the need for transfer case repair.

These include:

  • Unusual noise while shifting gears
  • Difficulty in gear-shifting
  • Strange sounds (in cold weather conditions) from the front of the vehicle

You can trust us for all your transfer case repair needs. With our skilled and trained technicians and advanced equipment, we assure you of the correct diagnosis of transfer case problems and accurate repairs to fix them.

Moreover, our repair jobs are marked by timely completion, fair pricing and great customer service.

Rely on A-Z Transmission for excellent transfer case service, repair and replacement at a great price. Call the Arlington shop at 360-386-9034.