What are the Symptoms of a Bad Torque Converter?


An automatic transmission needs a torque converter to run.

Essentially, it is a hydraulic pump linking the transmission and the engine. It acts on the transmission fluid to create a fluid coupling between the transmission and engine, and provides the fluid pressure required by the transmission to operate.

The torque converter takes the place of the clutch in an automatic transmission. It allows the engine to idle when the vehicle is stationary and multiplies the torque when the engine is revved up.

It is important for vehicle owners to have their torque converters working efficiently as their failure leads to erratic vehicle performance. However, issues with torque converters are among the most challenging automotive problems to diagnose.

Some symptoms that may indicate a bad torque converter are:

  • Transmission slippage
  • Poor acceleration
  • Transmission lags
  • Whirring or clicking sound on start-up
  • Shuddering of engine block on slight acceleration
  • Sudden transmission surges

Whenever you experience such problems in your vehicle, bring it to A-Z Transmission for an inspection of the torque converter and torque converter replacement, if necessary.

Torque Converter Replacement for Automatic Transmissions


Since torque converters do not come with a set lifespan, it is best to let our transmission experts determine if it is time for you to get a torque converter replacement.

The repair of a bad torque converter can often cost more than a torque converter replacement. Moreover, torque converters are sealed units, and opening, cleaning and reconditioning them effectively is not easy.

We offer torque converter replacement as a reliable, durable and economical solution to your damaged torque converter. Our torque converter replacement services assure you of:

  • Sustained improvement in the performance of your vehicle
  • Perfect functioning of your vehicle’s automatic transmission
  • Freedom from torque converter malfunctioning for years to come

Why Choose Us for Torque Converter Replacement Services?


Considering how critical a torque converter is for the smooth and hassle-free running of your vehicle, it is important that you get torque converter replacement services from knowledgeable and experienced professionals that you can trust.

Coming to us offers you the assurance of accurate and fully satisfying torque converter replacement services.

We employ exceptionally skilled mechanics with extensive experience in performing torque converter replacement in foreign and domestic vehicles.

We take the stress out of your torque converter replacement needs with our:

  • Superior-quality torque converters
  • Seamless torque converter replacement work
  • Excellent customer service
  • Affordable pricing

Call the A-Z Transmission Arlington shop at 360-386-9034 to discuss your torque converter replacement requirements.