Shift Kits for Performance and Improved Shifting


Transmission shift kit installation is one of the most beneficial automotive upgrades available. However, not all vehicle owners understand the functioning of shift kits nor know why transmission shift kits are desirable.

The installation of transmission shift kits aims at improving the vehicle’s shifting between gears, enhancing the vehicle’s performance, and decreasing the wear & tear of transmission components.

The transmission shift kits do so by:

  • Reducing shift overlap (transmission in two gears at once) in automatic transmissions
  • Reducing shift time in manual transmissions
  • Reducing grinding while shifting
  • Increasing shift firmness
  • Reducing heat build-up in transmissions

If you want to enjoy better efficiency from your vehicle’s transmission, allow A-Z Transmission to modify it with the installation of transmission shift kits. We install shift kits in automatic as well as manual transmissions.

Shift Kits for High Performance and Everyday Vehicles


A big misconception that exists about transmission shift kits is that it is an expensive upgrade that is meant only for high-performance vehicles.

As experienced installers of transmission shift kits, we would like to set the record straight. Shift kits are a highly rewarding and affordable transmission upgrade that makes a wonderful option for both high-performance and everyday vehicles.

The installation of transmission shift kits ensures a more enjoyable driving experience from any vehicle by giving it a transmission that:

  • Shifts smoothly
  • Delivers outstanding fuel-efficiency
  • Is durable

However, you must understand that transmission shift kits are not a solution to transmission problems. The shift kits are installed only in systems that are in perfect working condition.

Transmission Shift Kits for Domestic, Foreign and Commercial Vehicles


The installation of transmission shift kits is a very specialized task. A single misplaced spring or valve can damage the transmission or cause it to malfunction. Therefore, it is advisable that you get your transmission shift kits installed by our expert technicians, who:

  • Are highly trained for the installation of transmission shift kits
  • Take a detail-oriented approach to the job
  • Are well known for superior workmanship in shift kit installation

At our transmission shop, we install transmission shift kits in almost all makes/models of foreign and domestic vehicles. Whether you need a shift kit installed in your personal car or commercial vehicle, we will get the job done in the least possible time.

When it comes to the installation of transmission shift kits, A-Z Transmission is the expert to rely on. Call the Arlington shop at 360-386-9034.