Rebuilt Transmissions for Automatic and Manual Transmissions


When your vehicle’s transmission gets heavily damaged and you have to get it fixed, you may face the choice of a transmission rebuild or a transmission replacement. While we all tend to consider ‘new’ to be superior, it might not really be so when it comes to vehicle transmissions.

Here, rebuilt transmissions are an equally good, if not better, alternative.

A transmission rebuild involves working on the broken transmission to restore it to its original efficiency. The job includes:

  • Removing and disassembling the old transmission
  • Inspecting all its parts
  • Removing the severely damaged/worn-out parts
  • Replacing them with new or refurbished parts
  • Re-assembling the transmission

If your vehicle is having frequent transmission problems, bring it to A-Z Transmission for a transmission rebuild. Our premier transmission shop offers rebuilt transmissions for both automatic and manual transmissions.

A Rebuilt Transmission Has Many Benefits for the Vehicle Owner


A transmission rebuild has several benefits over a transmission replacement that make it a good option for dealing with broken transmissions. The key advantages that rebuilt transmissions bring to any vehicle owner are:

  • Rebuilt transmissions are a lot cheaper than new transmissions
  • Rebuilt transmissions incorporate the most advanced, updated parts
  • Rebuilt transmissions preserve the original core gears & their alignments

Time-saving is one more benefit of using rebuilt transmissions.

People who opt for new transmissions have to locate and order the right product, have it shipped and then get it installed before they can have their vehicles ready for use.

Whereas, rebuilt transmissions get the vehicles back on the road much faster.

Another thing that vehicle owners should consider is that new transmissions may not be really brand new. Often these are also rebuilt transmissions, with the rebuilding done in the factory.

Why Choose Us for a Transmission Rebuild?


Rebuilt transmissions have the potential to deliver excellent operational efficiency and last for a long time. However, the actual performance of your rebuilt transmissions depends on how efficient the transmission rebuild was.

It is very important that you choose experienced and dependable transmission experts for doing your transmission rebuild. Getting rebuilt transmissions from us offers you the peace of mind that your transmission rebuild has been done to exacting standards.

To assure you of reliable and durable rebuilt transmissions, we:

  • Use quality parts for your transmission rebuild
  • Perform your transmission rebuild by employing skillful technicians
  • Work thoroughly, giving attention to the minutest detail during a transmission rebuild

If your vehicle needs a transmission rebuild, call A-Z Transmission at the Arlington shop at 360-386-9034.