Rear Differential Repairs for Foreign and Domestic Vehicles


The differential is a component of a vehicle’s drivetrain. It works with the transmission to route power to the wheel axle and also enables the right and left wheels to rotate at different speeds when the vehicle makes a turn.

Front-wheel drive vehicles have a front differential positioned between the front wheels, while rear-wheel drive vehicles have a rear differential between the rear wheels.

Four-wheel drive vehicles have both front differential and rear differential, whereas all-wheel drive vehicles have front differential and rear differential, connected by a transfer case.

Over time, wearing and high operating temperatures lead to differential malfunctioning, and differential repair is required to restore the vehicle’s maneuverability and stability. You can get the rear differential repair or front differential repair that you need from A-Z Transmission. 

We offer comprehensive rear differential repair services that include fixing:

  • Rear differential in foreign vehicles
  • Rear differential in domestic vehicles
  • Slip and open rear differential

Front Differential Failure Can Cause Your Vehicle to Lock Up


The front differential, ideally, should last throughout the vehicle’s lifetime, but at times, it does fail. Failure of the front differential can result in disabling the drive train, which locks up the vehicle completely. With a failed front differential, even moving the vehicle off the road to the roadside can become difficult.

If you don’t want a front differential failure to leave you stranded and helpless, you should watch out for signs indicating problems with your vehicle’s front differential. These warning signals include:

  • Loud ‘clunk’ sound on shifting to reverse gear and back to drive
  • Extended braking distance
  • Unfamiliar noise from front of the vehicle

Come to us without delay for expert front differential repair services so that you can continue enjoying safe and hassle-free driving.

Why Choose Us for Differential Repair?


Differential repair, whether for front or rear differential, is not easy. Finding the underlying issue in a differential malfunction, and repairing it accurately calls for considerable technical skills and specialized equipment.

That is why you must come straight to us when you suspect something is wrong with your rear differential or front differential. At our differential repair shop, we have all that it is required to fix your problem effectively:

  • Mechanics with thorough differential repair know-how
  • Tools for diagnosing differential issues and doing differential repair right
  • Genuine concern for ending your front or rear differential troubles

A-Z Transmission is the one-stop shop for all your differential repair needs. Call the Arlington shop at 360-386-9034 for front or rear differential repair services.