Performance Diesel Transmission Upgrades


Do you want your vehicle’s diesel engine to perform better? Do you want your vehicle to be fit for hauling heavier loads? Do you want to your racer to achieve more success on the dragstrip?

Upgraded performance transmissions from A-Z Transmission might be the solution. We can upgrade performance transmissions to give your vehicles the powerful edge you wish for.

Our transmission shop carries out customized upgrading of diesel performance transmissions to suit every vehicle owner’s unique needs. We upgrade:

  • Performance transmissions in passenger cars
  • Diesel transmissions in commercial trucks
  • Transmissions in motorhomes
  • Performance transmissions in drag racers & street performance vehicles

We are committed to fitting our customers’ vehicles with the finest performance transmissions.

Whether they want performance transmissions upgraded for improved towing or racing or everyday driving or recreation experience, we do it for them with the most appropriate options and the best available parts.


Diesel Transmission Upgrades for Efficiency and Power


At our transmission shop, we provide performance diesel transmission upgrades that equip your vehicle’s transmission for meeting the toughest of challenges while out on the road.

While the factory-fitted transmission in your diesel car, truck, van or RV may suffice for the routine driving needs, our diesel transmission upgrades help your vehicle get that extra muscle you want it to have.

Our diesel transmission upgrades make the engine more powerful and also bring about a significant improvement in the vehicle’s efficiency and fuel economy.

We offer a wide range of upgrades for diesel performance transmissions for both automatic and manual transmissions. The diesel transmission upgrades provided by us include, but are not limited to:

  • Billet torque converters
  • Shift kits
  • High energy bands
  • Lightweight flywheels
  • Racing clutches

Why Choose Us for Diesel Transmission Upgrades?


The diesel transmission upgrades provided by us are guided by the purpose for which you are getting your performance transmissions upgraded. Our technicians who upgrade your performance transmissions are extremely knowledgeable and are proven masters at their trade.

They make high-precision modifications in your transmission to prepare it for delivering the desired extra power and efficiency.

When you get your diesel vehicle’s transmissions upgraded by us, you can count on receiving:

  • Extremely effective diesel transmission upgrades
  • Very durable diesel transmission upgrades
  • Highly rewarding transmission upgrades

You won’t find a professional better-equipped than us to upgrade your diesel performance transmissions!

Call the Arlington shop at 360-386-9034 to know more about the performance diesel transmission upgrades offered by A-Z Transmission.