How Does a CV Joint Work?


CV (constant velocity) joints connect a vehicle’s transmission through the drive axle to the wheels. Their work is to transfer torque from the transmission at a constant speed to the drive wheels, while accommodating the suspension’s up & down motion.

While CV joints are typically used in front-wheel drive vehicles, many four-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles also have CV joints. There are two CV joints in every drive wheel – an inner CV joint connecting the axle & transmission and outer CV joint connecting the axle & wheels.

Connecting two rotating shafts that are both in a fixed position, CV joints move & bend to keep them connected. Thus, CV joints are integral to the drivability of any vehicle and help it move:

  • Smoothly
  • Efficiently and safely
  • At a steady speed

Designed as a ball & socket joint, the CV joint is covered with a CV joint boot that keeps the joint properly lubricated.

CV Joint Problems in Automatic and Manual Transmissions


The main problem arising with CV joints, be it in automatic transmissions or manual ones, is worn-out or cracked CV joint boots. CV joints generally work well and last quite a long time if the protective joint boots covering them are in fine shape.

When these boots get damaged, they can cause the failure of CV joints with:

  • Premature wearing from a lack of lubricating grease
  • Corrosion from exposure to moisture from wet roads
  • Damage from exposure to dirt and debris

Unless the damaged boot gets replaced in time, CV joint replacement becomes necessary. Some symptoms indicating the need for CV joint replacement are popping or clicking sounds while turning or accelerating, and clunking on shifting to Reverse from Drive.

When your vehicle shows such signs or otherwise has worn out CV joints, come to A-Z Transmission for CV joint replacement. 

CV Joint Boot Repair and CV Joint Replacement Services


With our experience in CV joint boot repair and CV joint replacement, we know that CV joint replacement or boot repair is not something to be postponed.

Continued vehicle use even after the need for CV joint replacement is detected can damage some other components, and call for repairs costing much more than CV joint replacement.

Let our expert technicians deliver the right CV joint replacement and boot repair services before things get worse. We assure you of a wonderful CV joint replacement service experience with our:

  • Courteous attention
  • Quick and flawless CV joint replacement
  • Affordable pricing

Call A-Z Transmission Arlington shop at 360-386-9034 for CV joint replacement services.