Clutch Repair for Foreign and Domestic Manual Transmissions


Manual transmissions are generally very reliable and last a long time. However, they have a weak area – clutches. The clutch of a vehicle with a manual transmission suffers a lot of wear & tear. It has to be disengaged and re-engaged each time the gear is shifted.

Over the years, clutches start developing snags and making noises. If your vehicle’s clutch is giving you trouble, come to A-Z Transmission for clutch repair services. We repair clutches in foreign and domestic vehicles, ensuring precision in every job by:

  • Employing highly skilled, trained and experienced clutch repair technicians
  • Deploying cutting-edge tools/technology for the clutch repair process
  • Using quality components for completing clutch repair

How Do I Know I Need Clutch Repair?


The key to enjoying smooth driving and avoiding unexpected stalling of the vehicle is catching clutch problems early on and getting clutch repair done in time. Timely clutch repair also saves you considerable money that you might have had to spend on clutch replacement and engine repairs.

Therefore, it pays to have a basic understanding about clutches so that you can know when you need clutch repair.

Some symptoms of clutch malfunctioning that you should watch-out for include:

  • Slipping clutch
  • Sticking or hard-shifting clutch
  • Chattering noise while using clutches

Neglecting these warning signs can lead to serious damage to the transmission. This may not be rectified by clutch repair and, instead, call for clutch replacement.

If you do not want needless clutch replacement expenses to add to your woes, come to our clutch repair experts to have your vehicle’s clutch checked and fixed before it is too late.

Clutch Replacement Services for Worn Out Clutches


Using the clutches carefully and getting clutch maintenance and clutch repair at the right time helps increase the efficiency and longevity of your vehicle’s manual transmission.

Still, a time comes when you cannot put-off clutch replacement any longer. If you experience drivability problems and rumbling/grinding sounds even after getting clutch repair, it may indicate that the clutch is too worn out and clutch replacement is essential.

Come to us for clutch replacement and have proper operation of your vehicle and its transmission restored in no time. We assure you of:

  • Quickly scheduled clutch replacement
  • Flawlessly completed clutch replacement
  • Reasonably priced clutch replacement

We pride ourselves as being an ethical business. We never recommend clutch replacement unless it is absolutely necessary.

Call A-Z Transmission Arlington shop at 360-386-9034 for quality clutch repair and clutch replacement services at competitive prices.