Car Exhaust Repairs for Foreign and Domestic Vehicles


Your car exhaust system performs several crucial functions. It:

  • Reduces engine noise
  • Reduces the pollutants discharged by the car
  • Directs toxic gases away from the car & its occupants
  • Improves engine performance and fuel-efficiency

An excellent car exhaust system keeps the car running quietly, smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, you must make sure that your car exhaust system is in top condition.

You can do so by getting the car exhaust system inspected by knowledgeable professionals at regular intervals and getting timely and efficient car exhaust repairs as soon as problems surface.

Come to A-Z Transmission for high quality car exhaust inspection and repairs. We are experts at fixing all sorts of car exhaust system problems in foreign and domestic vehicles.

In fact, our expertise is not limited only to car exhaust repairs. We also offer specialized services for van, motorhome and truck exhaust system repair.

Truck and Car Exhaust Systems Reduce Harmful Emissions


One of the most significant functions performed by a van, truck or car exhaust system is decreasing harmful emissions from the vehicle into the atmosphere. For this, the different components of the truck or car exhaust system work in tandem. These include:

  • Manifold
  • Catalytic converter
  • Muffler
  • Tailpipes

The combustion process in the engine produces dangerous gases. The manifold collects these and funnels them to the catalytic converter, which transforms the harmful gases to less harmful ones. These are then released through the tailpipes, while the noise of gas discharge is dissipated by the muffler.

If you observe a rattling sound when starting your vehicle, excessive idling, a loud noise while accelerating, or sharp odors, contact us for car or truck exhaust system repair immediately.

Truck Exhaust System Repair - Catalytic Converter & Muffler Repair


We offer timely car, van, RV and truck exhaust system repair to help you avoid the needless expense of exhaust system replacement.

Our facility is equipped to offer complete truck exhaust system repair services. Our technicians can carry out any simple or complex truck exhaust system repair. Whether you need catalytic converter repair or muffler repair, our truck exhaust system repair specialists can do it all.

To ensure seamless truck exhaust system repair services, we employ technicians with:

  • Thorough training in performing truck exhaust system repair
  • Extensive experience in handling truck exhaust system repair jobs
  • Exceptional truck exhaust system repair skills

Having problems with your truck or car exhaust system? Call A-Z Transmission Arlington shop at 360-386-9034 for car and truck exhaust system repair services.